Sunday, April 30, 2006

WANTED: 24 Hour Friend

Looking for someone, preferrably mentally disturbed, to be my friend. This person must be available online whenever it is I feel the need to be online. Always ready to chat with me, and able to put me ahead of any other tasks at hand. He/she must laugh at my witty remarks, leave comments that boost my ego, and give extra kudos… always (to me). They must request additional promission when adding OTHER friends, and I will determine if they are worthy of OUR friendship. This person must spread the word that I am indeed the BEST FRIEND EVER!!!

The correct answer to any survey question is: ”Oh no, I love 2mara, she is the best friend EVER!!”

Benefits include my remarkable companionship, as well as a pumpkin roll at Christmas. I promise to mention you at parties and other social events… when I feel the need to brag about myself and my accomplishments. In addition, I will have my mom knit you a “best friend” sweater, and it must be worn in all published pictures here on myspace.

If you respond in the next 10 minutes I will move you to number one on my friends list.

***Only the serious need apply***

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