Monday, June 8, 2009

Congratulations... no one was killed. Hooray!!!

Here is my late submission for Inspiration Underground exercise titled: Congrats

Dear 2mara,

I commend you on the fine job you've done the last couple of weeks. While looking for a house, you did not:

1.) burst into tears while viewing totally over priced small habitats,
2.) scream at your beloved husband (much), or
3.) go on an all out killing spree involving a rusty spade or warped water hose.

You seem to be in pretty high spirits and happy with the decision you and your beloved husband, Chris, made to accommodate your family. Congratulations!

You do, however, have quite the job of packing and relocating left to do, so I seriously suggest you back off on the novel writing and/or blog posting while you get all these things in order. I would like to help you pack, etc, but I have decided to vacation somewhere on Mars. I will be back to help you with your creative projects as soon as the last box is unpacked and the first bottle of wine is uncorked.

Congratulations, really!
Good Luck,

Your Alter Ego,
Neurotic Mary

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