Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pippa Thinks I'm Kreativ, Sweet!

Thank you, thank you!

That sweetheart, sometimes referred to as The Old Bat, sometimes @battypip (Twiter), or sometimes just Pippa Hennessy, was kind enough to send me a Kreativ Blogger Award.

Thank you for reading, commenting, and just being awesome.


I suppose this means I have to pass this on to seven other blogs AND list seven favorites. I am not sure I can list seven blogs, as Pippa and Laura Eno have swiped several of my favorites already (and those seem to be #FridayFlash bloggers too... I love the #FridayFlash!), but I will try. (not in any order)

1. - Chris Chartrand @chrischartrand, an extraordinary #FridayFlash blogger and excellent RT'er

2. Fabulous F**king Fiction - Dana @ywdana another #FridayFlash blogger

3. jentropy - Jen @jentropy, beautifully written... intricately woven GOOD stuff and another #FridayFlash blogger

***notice a trend here***

4. Eric's Personal Diary - Eric Marier probably the funniest freaking blog ever. Sadly, he has been rather busy, so there hasn't been a new post in a while BUT I STRONGLY suggest going back through his archive. It's totally worth it.

5. Kemari Blue - Kemari @Kemari, while quite the gypsy, when she posts (whether it here or someplace else) it's always wonderfully written.

6. Yummy Lolly - This is not a writing blog but it is a creative one. I love her templates for blogger here(they are free - donations accepted) and on her other site (inexpensive templates -- I got the template for InspirationUnderground on AcornGlue)

7. Whole in My Head - Morgan is a good friend and a beautiful poet. It's been a while since she's posted here, but when she posts again, I am sure it will be worth the wait.

WOW! I was able to come up with 7 - I better post before someone steals them. As for Favorites - Pippa wrote it can be anything, so I am going totally random and just listing some of my favorite things.

Favorite things:

1. The rain

2. Strawberry Pez

3. Halloween (Candy)

4. Birthdays (except my own)

5. Brand new socks, fresh out of the package

6. Blue ink pens

7. Getting mail (snail mail)

Forgive me for not going into great detail about those favorites. I think they can probably speak for themselves.

Thank you so much, Pippa, for the award. It was very sweet. I am incredibly lucky to have friends like you.

Gotta run; tomorrow's Friday and I've got some fiction to finish up ;-)



  1. I'm so glad you're settled now and back to posting! Congrats!

    On your seven favorites forgot spitting. Were you trying to remain dignified and I just outed you?

    Just saying...

  2. yeah... thanks for outting me :-P

    9.drawing lewd pictures on my dry erase board

  3. 10. crank phone calls
    11. pointing at random people

  4. Awww, thanks for the award! It's really nice to know that people like the templates I make! xox

  5. Thank you. That's quite an honor. Especially from someone whose writing I admire.