Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Some ramblings tonight. There is no Photopollution in Western Oklahoma.

Tonight, I stole a handful of stars.

I placed them in the front pocket of my dirty blue jeans.

I so wish YOU could have see them… when I held them in my hand, they reflected hundreds of tiny moons.

I tucked them into my pocket, so I wouldn't disturb the neighbors.
They didn't notice.

I could hear their televisions… staged laughter and background music.

They were glued to their screens.

For a moment, I considered throwing my stars through their windows, so they would see them too...


I didn’t want to waste them.

There is a peace of mind, knowing they are safe and in my pocket.


  1. It's called the American disease (tv)
    very cool post

  2. I love spending evenings outside staring at the moon and stars.

    Reaching out and gathering a handful of stars...what a wonderful idea!

  3. When I lived in Phoenix, you couldn't even see the stars. Out here in Western Oklahoma you can see so much, but no one pays any attention.

    They don't realize how lucky they are to be able to see such beauty.