Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Random Raspberries (pppblt)

I'm going back to my random roots, but I'm a little embarrassed by this blog post. I haven't written it yet, but I already know where it's going--a dark place, and I'm not really sure you're ready for that.

I apologize.

I love Raspberry M&Ms (RANDOM!). I pretty much love all things Raspberry. I can't help it, but ever-so-often the shitty stores here will carry the Raspberry M&Ms and I can't help but buy them. I'm an addict, and I'm eating them while I type this post :-).

These right here...

Notice that it plainly says "Artificial Flavor" on the label. To me this is a HUGE selling point. Not that I don't like natural stuff. I'm all about natural stuff, but I want nothing to do with "natural" raspberry flavoring--thanks to the science channel. Apparently "natural" raspberry flavoring doesn't come from raspberries. That would be too easy--to just squeeze a bunch of raspberries. "Natural" raspberry flavoring comes from the oil (castoreum) secreted from a BEAVER'S ANUS.

You're welcome.

HOLY SHIT, right? Who thought to check a beaver's anus? My guess--an office joke went horribly wrong. I mean, how do you explain to a co-worker that that delightful favor--tickling his delicate palate--came from a beaver? That's some motivation--to go and hunt one down so you could rub its butt (on someone's soda?). I think that's something you'd have to take to the grave. 

I prefer to think it was an accident because I can't fathom volunteering to lick some beaver's crack--totally not worth kick-ass insurance or garage parking. 

At least the testing was thorough. Would PETA approve? Wikipedia says PETA was founded in March 1980, so I guess we've been squeezing beaver butts for much longer. I'm pretty sure that the beaver would be kept alive AND treated well, so we could reap the benefits of it's contribution to this "natural" flavoring... bleah. 

I just checked the hall of records (Wikipedia), and it states that "Castoreum" is also used in BOTH food AND beverages as "natural" VANILLA, RASPBERRY, and STRAWBERRY flavors. Crap...

Anyway, there's today's random jumble of thoughts:

Do you have any strange addictions?
Have you ever loved something so much only to find out it was hiding a dark secret?


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  1. I've never even seen raspberry M&Ms before. Not sure I want to try them now.

    I always eat M&Ms [plain or peanut] two at a time. Preferably, the two are the same color but as you near the bottom of the bag that isn't always possible....