Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 Reading Challenges

It's been a while since I've updated this blog--I suck. Since I'm no longer writing indie and self-pub book reviews for EasilyMused, I thought it would be fun to write some reviews here on my blog. A good way to kick this off, is by taking on a few reading challenges.

So far, this is what I have signed up for (if I am breaking any rules by combining pilot posts, I do apologize):

The Blog of Erised is hosting a challenge is to read 24 Dystopian novels in 2014. This is one of my favorite genres, so I am totally in :).

Click here to read more information and sign up!

Here's another fun challenge, requiring books from the suggested genres below--you don't have to read them in any certain order.

1. Award Winning
2. True Crime (non fiction)
3. Romantic Comedy
4. Alternate History Fiction
5. Graphic Novel
6. Cozy Mystery Fiction
7. Gothic Fiction
8. War/Military Fiction
9. Anthology
10. Medical Thriller Fiction
11. Travel (non fiction)
12. Published in 2014

Click here to read more information and sign up!

I'm embarrassed by the number of classic books I've read, so I wanted to work in a classic challenge this year. Books and Chocolate is hosting another theme based challenge that only require six books--there are a few optional categories, and I may add them as I go. The six required are:

1. 20th Century Classic
2. 19th Century Classic
3. A Classic by a Woman Author
4. A Classic in Translation
5. A Classic About War
6. A Classic by an Author That is New to You

Click here to read more and sign up!

I had to take part in this one--I love comic books/graphic novels. There are three levels--there's the Modern Age (read and review 12 books), Bronze Age (read and review 24 books), and Silver Age (read and review 52 books). I'm signing up for the Bronze Age.

Click here to read more and sign up!

I will possibly add more challenges as I go, but this is a start. Most challenges will allow you to use a particular book in another challenge--I could use my "Classic About War" for the Classics Challenge as my "War/Military Fiction" for the Eclectic Challenge (two birds--one stone) You can view my progress on a special page I've set up on this blog: 2014 Reading Challenges. If you can suggest any self-published or indie books that are either Dystopian or fit the requirements of the second (Eclectic Reader) challenge, let me know. I am used to reviewing these books and would love to help out that community by posting reviews.

Not all challenges require you to write reviews and those that do, do not require you to have your own blog to do so. Some will allow you to write your reviews on Goodreads or even Amazon.

It's going to be a great year!


  1. Welcome to the Graphic Novel & Manga Challenge, Tomara! Glad to have you with us this year!

  2. Ermagherd you've got a lot of reading to do! Good luck with it all, Tomara. Looking forward to your reviews. AND YOU DO NOT SUCK.

    1. I need to be doing a lot of reading--this year has been kind of pathetic. You're awesome Cathy :)

  3. Thanks for joining me in 2014 for the Eclectic Reader Challenge. I look forward to seeing what you choose to read!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out