Saturday, May 27, 2006

Are you a SUKKA? I’m Guessing So.

Well those that know me.. may have noticed I wasn’t online much last night. Well the early evening anyway. I was working. Holy shit!! I know. I always say, “Work is for SUKKAs!” and it is OH SO true. I wouldn’t really consider it working… more like helping someone out for some extra cash… so work is still for SUKKAs…seriously.

You may all think I am extremely lazy… no job. I am living it up! Yeah, myspacing it during the day… awesome superHero at night. Notice the glasses; typical superhero disguise. Oh yeah, myspacing it at night too. I’m an addict, I will admit. DAMN YOU ALANA!!! DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!

ANYway, I wasn’t always the outstanding citizen you know and love today. I use to work all the time… I know it’s hard to believe. I have worked a strange array of jobs also… I am a Jack of All Trades. I want to talk about one very lame job in particular so I can give you an idea about how my work night went last night:

I moved back to Oklahoma in ‘97, mainly because I was pregnant and wanted to be close to family and I really wanted to go back to school ( I don’t know why). At that time I was working for a law firm in Denver, Colorado… mainly doing their billing, but also lame office stuff. I loaded my car up with my finest possesions (cds, comics, and a sugar glider named Francis) and drove the 12 hours home… alone. I left my son’s dad, for various reasons. We had been together for quite some time (we moved to CO from OKC… BIG mistake), but we definitely didn’t have the same views on having a kid. There is no way I would marry him after that.. I firmly believe in NOT marrying someone JUST because you’re pregnant. I would actually drop off the face of the planet before I would do such a thing. ANYway… I drive home, and my mom is assistant manager at this steak house in Elk and makes me go to work for her. Oh yeah.. so much fun. I worked there 7 years… haha. I also lived with her… and I don’t EVER suggest moving BACK in with your parents after you have tasted the freedom of living on your own. It’s like living in a mental hospital without the good drugs.

I did everything in the restaurant… line, waitstaff, food prep, grill cook… I get bored easily so I had to change it up. The best, and of course where I made the most money, was waiting tables. I will brag and say I am good at it. I can kiss some major ass, and that makes a good waitress. AND I can be nice to anyone… I am so damn friendily; I can’t even help it. You know you like me… haha you do don’t you? HAHA… told you I am good like that!

So… yeah I waited tables… at a steak house. With Elk City’s finest citizens coming in to take advantage of the all-you-can-eat-buffet. Not my finest moments. You get used to taking shit from so many people, and when you have a fucked up name like mine you take MORE than everyone else. I have heard all the jokes… everynight. People think they are so fucking witty when they can come up with that shit… I just laugh it off.. “Yes, my sister, Yesterday, is at home”… whatever. I made great money, but I had to work my ass off for it. You put up with people’s shitty attitudes, those looking to get something for nothing, and those people who actually smell like ASS. My most favorite are the people who think they are so much better than you, and it’s usually the women… imagine that… catty bitches.

I would try not to let that shit get to me. I don’t care what your husband does for a living, how much money you have, or how awesome you think YOU are. I know for a fact that I am probably more educated and definitely a better person…

SO last night… I am really not sure what I am doing. My aunt called me a week or two ago and asked me if I would want to help her out.. something about making burgers and cleaning up at this party. I said sure. I really needed to get out of the house and making some extra cash… support my porn addiction. SO, yesterday we load up and drive to this place in the middle of nowhere, western Oklahoma. We arrive and it’s a 50 year highschool reunion dinner for a small town. The woman in charge of the whole thing is the wife of the assistant DA. He used to be either a congressman or a representative for the area… I can’t really remember. His ex wife (now deceased) was one of my 6th grade teachers. His NEW wife is something else. We get there… she calls me Laura… yeah I am a fast talker I guess she got confused. She points, barks, and we jump. All evening I am taking orders like a fucking dog… it really started to wear on me. OK maybe she was better than me… she was an attorney, and I am not. She has lots of money… and of course I don’t. Her husband is awesome, super nice, and charming. WTF was he thinking?

The whole time I am there smiling and walking the motions… I am thinking about why I quit at the steak house when I finished school, and how I could let this happen again. A mindless drone, smiling and nodding pretending to be interested in people’s uninteresting lives. I need something else.

I am open to suggestions here. I always wanted to be a rockstar, actually I play one in the shower… I can play a badASS triangle. FUCK IT!!! Work is still for SUKKAs


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  1. For me, whether or not I'm better educated or a better person isn't really relevant. I mean, either they ARE better than me and are not living up to their potential at my expense, or else they're not and ARE living up to their potential at my expense. Either way though, they need to stop or I'll fucking remove them from play. Usually (and I may just be lucky here) everyone else in the room will be thankful someone decided to call then on their condescending arsehattery.