Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I am having the best day ever! I am so serious. Those of you that KNOW me know that I am totally in love with Mike Patton… ANYthing Mike Patton. He is a FUCKING GOD!!!! ANYway… I just happen to be messing around on here the other day and what do I notice?…??

PEEPING TOM!!! Mike Patton again teasing me with his genius. SO, the cd came out Tuesday, and I had a chaotic day… funeral in the morning, trip to OKC with my fanatic mom, and a house full of old relatives who weird me out, so I didn’t get it. I wasn’t too sad, because I have been pretty busy.

I was thinking.. I know.. weird, huh? Maybe I should drive on over to our local wal-mart with my fingers crossed and see if by some weird CHANCE IN HELL!!!! they had my beloved Mike and his Peeping Tom.

I loaded up kids, who are really annoying me today, into my 120 degree truck and trek across town. School is out here, so the place is really happening… it’s like the local hangout here in “White Trash America”. ANYhoo, I get in the store and we dart straight back to electronics, and I am still pretty sure Wal-mart is going to fall through. I mean, besides me, I don’t think anyone here in Elk knows what this BEAUTIFUL man is capable of.

I lose one kid… fuck it… he’ll come ’round when he gets hungry or wants money. I don’t have time for a anxiety attack… I am on a mission.

Brynn and I wheel over some youngin’s in our cart, and I madly begin to thumb through the “P”s… what’s this?


I grab it and jump up and down… fist it into the air with ALL my glory. Yeah I probably did a little jig too - I think I may have blacked out for a minute“YES!!!!!!!” and “MINE!!!!” where uttered, more like a battle cry.

The rest of the trip was a blur… I bought some paint.. and some other totally MEANINGLESS neccessities. But today… I am content.

The have a page set up here on myspace Peeping Tom, but earlier the songs weren’t working… I want to pimp Ipecac Recordings = Peeping Tom actually the whole site is pretty awesome.

Oh another thing I have to add… I got it at wal-mart… and it says “sukka” and “mutha fukka”… after my own heart… I know.

SO anyway.. I was excited and I had to share

*** shit, I forgot to mention licking the jewel box in wal-mart electronics dept***

I am such a weirdo


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