Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Goober Gets a Mohawk

Well I pimped it, so I have to come through. A picture blog.

Gabe is looking so raggedy I wanted to buzz him for the summer, but he insists on a mohawk, much to mine and dad's chagrin. BUT since dad is gone until Friday, I thought it would be ok to grant his ONE wish, with the small disclaimer that it will ALL be shaved off next week.

*notice the unfinished bathroom... story of my house*

So I grabbed my clippers and put on my "badASS" mask

make him meet me in the bathroom with the trash can... I am really not sure when the last time this kid had a bath either... stinky boy!! I start slowly so I don't accidently cut off an ear or anything

He HAMS it up.. kinda fem really... not sure where he gets that

a few minutes later he's ready to hit the shower and wash off the week old funk... boys are nasty

It's not so strange to see why the haircut makes the man

well.. I am sure it wasn't worth the wait.. but he liked posing for the piccys

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