Thursday, July 6, 2006

He Made it Home

I have two kids. One is eight and the other almost fifteen months. For the past week my oldest has been in Michigan with is father. His dad got married last month and they were having a reception the first of July.

This was incredibly hard for me. Michigan is so far away... what if something happened? bleah. ANYway.. nothing did, and I picked him up in OKC this afternoon. We did a bit of running around and started the drive home.

I missed him so much. I can't even begin to explain how much I missed this lil weirdo. He is everything to me... the whole reason I am still here today. I was so lost without him. Yes I have my daughter, and she is beautiful and wonderful too... But Gabe is just ALL MINE. I don't have to share him with anyone. SO.. this last week was hell... I have been throwing my own pitty party, and today I got to kick the freeloaders out.

I was on cloud nine the whole trip home... even though he was running his mouth like you wouldn't believe and the baby was screaming her head off most of the way. I just drove on with a cheesy grin, and a feeling of being whole. I found it... the contentment I am always bitching about... just for a moment, but I saw it, and I know it's there. I felt at that moment I had everything I needed. Me and two crazy kids driving down the road. I know I couldn't get very far with only that - I had only a few bucks, a couple of credit cards, and my check book... but at that moment... everything was perfect. I can't wait to find it again... hopefully soon.

SO... I just wanted to post a blog... and show you this little viddy Gabe's dad sent home with him. It's a bit long, but he's such a fucking rockstar... hahaha.. I had to post it. It's a bit grainy... haha

How you like that? Not a single lesson. HA!

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