Monday, July 10, 2006

Gone Daddy Gone!

Well today is the big day, I'm off to Phoenix with DH. Kids are staying behind and it's going to be a week of driving each other crazy. Encase I haven't told you, we're probably moving there, so we have to scope the area and find a cool place to call home.

I am going to be away, but may get a little myspace time in the evening - nothing like I have now, so it's going to be bittersweet. I have drawn from the jar and posted it in the Green Room of Collaboration group board for those of you are a member already... those of you interested : Click Here.

I had a ton of things I was suppose to do before I left around here... but I have been busy with all sorts of craziness:

Really... I know that's no excuse, so I apologize. I will be on and off but expect me back in full force Saturday evening. I am going to be writing on paper until then so all I will have to do is translate my chicken scratches when I get back... easier said than done.

SO... message me, leave me a comment, sing me a pretty song... I can't wait to hear from you. DAMMIT!! I miss you already.


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