Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Beautiful People

Every time I turn on the TV or pick up a magazine, there they are… beautiful people. Smiling and happy or melancholy and posing, I just can’t seem to get away from them. My whole life I have been disappointed for not looking like these people. I have never had the perfect body, hair, or smile. I have never stopped people in their tracks and made them wonder who I was. I longed to be stunning, like the beautiful people on those pages.

Today, almost anyone can be beautiful… that is if you’re willing to hand over the big bucks. I could have my imperfect body nipped, tucked, sucked, and stuffed, all I want. I could have my hair extended, colored, curled, crimped, or straightened. I can have my smile bleached, braced, or capped. The sky is the limit as long as my pocketbook is bottomless.

SO… what if everyone has access to this money to buy the perfect body? Thinking this is a great idea, they all fork over the big bucks to be sculpted into someone elses idea of perfection. Sooner or later they all begin to look the same… all copies of the same photograph… all beautiful. Sooner or later we would tire of them… stop looking. We would search for something unique… something that stands out. Beautiful would be redefined.

The new beautiful would consist of imperfections… that scar or those freckles that once embarrassed us. That crooked grin or curvy figure will steal the gazes of onlookers. We might be surprised about how we look past the aesthetic aspect of the human persona, and maybe judge them for their intellectual makeup… that’s crazy. I know.

I still long to be beautiful, but I dont think I will try to alter what I have been blessed with. My imperfections may send you packing, but when the times change… and everyone has melted into the same old Polaroid… I’ll be here with all my imperfections. I’ll be what I should have been all along… myself.


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