Saturday, October 7, 2006

The Moving Story Part 2

I know I wrote the first part of this a while back ago, and believe me it hasn’t been far from my mind. I am still going through boxes, and I actually found my jar yesterday… so I will do a draw later on. Shit… I still haven’t written for the last one… or did I?

ANYway, where did I leave off? Oh yeah movers are gone, in bed with DH talking about how shitty the day was… and how could it get worse?

Tuesday, DH had to go in to work.. .they were having some sort of server problems while we were trying to deal with the movers and he was unable to go in… so he headed off, and I am left at my mother’s with kiddos.

I, of course, am going back and forth to the house trying to make it presentable… so maybe it will sell, and the boy is already going stir crazy and I am a wreck. blah blah blah.. I withdraw him from school… get kiddos shot records, etc.

We go to dinner with friends, and I head back to mom’s while DH goes and helps another friend with their wireless and drinks a few beers… I needed the break.

We get up super early Wednesday to get on the road.. I of course get to drive the truck with BOTH kids, and it early so it’s not too bad… both are tired and kinda sleepy. We set off on our trek.

We stop frequently and DH decides he wants Gabe to ride with him.. leaving me with Brynn… who hates her car seat. I guess it’s good I handle it much better than he does.. and she cried herself to sleep more than a few times. I think I will stick some photos in here from the drive.

She looks so peaceful when she’s sleeping.. you would never have thought the noises she made before she reached this serene place were imaginable.

We stopped Wednesday evening and stayed somewhere… crap I can’t even remember it. This is the first time I have stayed in a hotel with kids… and it sucks. I am used to rocking the baby to sleep and then laying her in her bed. We brought along the play pen for her to sleep in, but she ended up just sleeping with us, because I couldn’t get her to sleep.

Thursday morning we get up, go get breakfast, and get back on the road. There are so many cool places to stop on the way, too bad we didn’t. I did get to stop close to the petrified forrest because Gabe needed to GO. While the boys were in the bathroom, Brynn and I roamed around a bit, and I got some pics of her

We get to Phoenix around 3 I think, and we are staying in a hotel downtown across the street from where DH works.

He works Friday and I am in the hotel with kiddos all day. Brynn is a screamer, and I really felt sorry for those staying in adjacent rooms.

ANYway Saturday we sign our lease for our new apartment, and DH goes back to work. Me and the kids run around spending money and getting our place ready to move in.

We are still in the hotel until Tuesday, but our stuff should arrive on Monday. I go ahead and enroll Gabe in school… and we have an incident there… before I even get him fully enrolled… bad sign.

I have Brynn in the stroller so I don’t have to hold her in the office, so I can get the papers filled out as fast as possible. So she is getting pissed and starts screaming… imagine that. I ask Gabe, “Hey why don’t you take your sister out in front of the office and just stroll her back and forth?” Easy task, right?

GEEZ, no.

Less than five minutes later a women comes in dragging him by the arm.. with my daughter in the stroller, and says that Gabe was pushing her out front, and dumped the whole thing over, and I should probably check her to make sure she is ok.

FUCK.. we haven’t even started school here yet, and already off on the wrong foot.

Monday the movers would be here and Gabe would be in school.. and all should be well with the world… whatEVER.


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