Friday, November 17, 2006

Wouldn’t it be Nice to Know What you Want to be When you Grow Up?

I wasn’t always the fine outstanding citizen I am today. My past is riddled with questionable discrepancies… and I won’t go into most of those, but you can use your imagination.

I graduated high school in 1994 and was enrolled at a nice university about 4 hours from home where I was majoring in Avionics… doesn’t sound like me does it? I also had a head full of Burgandy hair and my nose was pierced (I did it myself with a safety pin… weirdo, huh?) I actually had several scholarships from the vocational school I attended in Highschool… Electronics/computer repair. So I was well on my way to a proper education and a career, but of course I was going to fuck it up. I called and dropped the day before class started because of some boy… I never saw him again… well years later, but that doesn’t really count

SO… I moved to the city (Oklahoma City) to live with my Uncle and my cousin. That was much fun. We went out a lot… saw many great bands… even met a few of our favorites. I had the time of my life. I had a job I absolutely loved with the super shittiest of hours that really didn’t seem to bother me (5 to 5:30 - 6 days a week). If we went out and it was late… I would just pull an all nighter and bulk up on the coffee when I got to work.

Next job wasn’t as fun… it required hours of phone work and tons of bullshit… imagine that. I decided I was lacking something in life and decided to attend broadcasting school. Music was my life and I thought surrounding myself with it would make me truely happy. It was choose your own hours as long as you were there X amount of hours per week. Awesome.

SO you know where this is going right, I do something dumb, and embarass the shit out of myself right? Well you know it.

At school you work in blocks, and everyone’s schedule is different. I might work 4 hours on-air and 2 hours writing copy one day… there was a 2 hour block of vocal coaching and you had production, etc. Each week you had assignments to do and the end of the week you met with an instructor one on one and he/she would listen to your tapes and crtique them and grade you.

I loved production so I would write my commercial copy and produce it right away, and I always had extra time afterwards, so I would bring extra things I wanted to work on… making my own mixes etc…

There were set “on-air” rooms and set production rooms. The production rooms had more tools to use… usually a reel-to-reel along with the other standard stuff…

ANYway… I get to school and check the schedule and find my room to work on some personal stuff. I had all my weekly assignments done, so I was going to work on some weird funky stuff.

I had several special effects cds I was usuing and mainly I was utilitizing the moans. “oooohhhhs” “aaaaaaahhhhhs” ‘mmmmph mmmmph” some screams too… and I was blending them… was going to lay down some music tracks after I got the desired moaning all under control.

I am all into it too… headphones on, sound up, stopping starting, looping, etc.. then

knock knock knock

I remove my phones and look out the window and it’s my instructor looking really pissed… I opened the door and she is like, “What the HELL are you doing?” and I explain that I am working on my production for the week… and she is like…. you are “on-air”… I am like… WHAT? I am suppose to be in production and someone scheduled me in the wrong room…

SO I am a bit red faced… I gather my porn and head to another room… walking past the lobby… all my other friends are in there just hanging out and visiting, etc. They shoot a glance over to me and bust out laughing… a few even clap. yeah yeah yeah… thanks

And you thought I was lying about embarassing stuff following me around. I swear like a black cloud constantly overhead… bleah


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