Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sometimes… I Shake My Head

Isn’t it strange how a community of people can somehow become the stereotype for a whole state of people…

When I lived in Oklahoma, I totally hated watching the news. They always picked the worst case to interview… it was always the toothless hillbilly who made no sense what so ever.. trying to explain that his house, which was of course a trailer protected by a layer of tires strategically placed on the roof… just blew away, and it was “like nuttin’ I’d never seen b’fore!”

I just rolled my eyes and shook my head

Now in Arizona, a whole new breed of people are causing me a bit of mental anguish. I hate to even mention it, but something is just wrong here. I am not a person to make fun of anyone with a disability, but if I have to question that there is even a disability to begin with… stupid people are fair game.

First… I live on the 3rd floor in an apartment complex. Across the hall of the THIRD floor is an older couple… ahem the THIRD floor. Our apartment doors face the courtyard, for us to go to the lot… we must first exit out of our apartment doors… walk down a somewhat long cooridor and then decend down the stairs to go happily on her little motorcade way. My neighbor, who lives across the way, that walks down the same flight of stairs I do, has a handicap parking place reserved for him.

I understand that if he has a disability… I have no problem with him having a reserved spot… and actually I park out front, so I could care less that he has one altogether. What bothers me is that he walks down the stairs to get to his car. Why is he on the THIRD floor to begin with? Why not the first level?

I shake my head at that

Here is where the community that defines the whole state come into play…

I picked my son up from school last Friday early, since they were having parent treacher conferences (my son is brilliant.. just saying) and decided to grab a bite to eat, since the baby and I hadn’t had lunch yet. He decided we should go to Jack in the Box - since he had never been there. While sitting there waiting for the baby to finish throwing her food in the floor, a Phoenix fave pulled into the lot - a fucking MONSTER truck. I have yet to see what the deal with these are, but everyone has them here. I noticed that they had pulled into a handicap spot, and I was starting to get pissed… I don’t care if someone jumps out and you are just standing there… that place is reserved for a reason.

So.. as we are walking past the truck I noticed the plate… and it was handicapped. WHAT THE FUCK?!! That thing required a ladder to get into. I am not even going into how much I SHAKE MY HEAD AT THIS!!

What is wrong with Arizona? I am always one of the first people to help a person in need… I would go out of my way to help someone with a disability, but this is ridiculous.

What do you shake your head at?

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