Wednesday, March 7, 2007

When I drive… I’m invisible

If I am in my car, and the windows are up - HELL, even if they are down.. you can’t see me. My windows have a little bit of tint, but that’s not the point; when I am in my car/truck… I am myself.

I sing… not just a little “la la” either.. I fucking wail, and dance too… and nobody sees me…. I’m invisible.

I am guilty of picking my nose… who’s going to see that… I’m invisible.

I make faces, apply makeup.. I am even guilty of plucking my eyebrows - if parked of course… who’s going to know… well besides you… I’m invisible.

It’s funny the weird things we do in our cars, and we assume no one can see us… I mean I can drive down the road with a soda in hand… stuffin’ a burrito in my face, dripping shit all over my pants, and I could CARE LESS if anyone sees me.

Call me disgusting if you will, but you know as well as I… you think you’re invisible too.

You do… don’t you?


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