Friday, March 9, 2007

Friday Movie Madness

I have been in Arizona for about 6 months now, and today is the first day I have actually did something sans kids and/or DH - besides the whole attempting a job thing.


I’ve been planning to go to the show for weeks, and my friend.. who will remain nameless:

was guilted into going to the show with me… “I am going to the show tomorrow… do you want to go or shall I go by myself and pray not to get mugged or raped or disembowled….”

I got a babysitter…

I even showered.

I wanted sooo badly to see 300, but DH would kill me for seeing it without him, so.. we went to see Zodiac… which I wanted to see too (I actually read that book… so of course I am a foremost authority - when I read it what 10 years ago).

me and this crazy friend of mine get into the show and I get her to stand in line for popcorn and sodas while I check out the bathroom… why is that they have chapstick dispensers in the bathroom? This totally freaks me out - like they are encouraging risque behavior in the theater or something. Not that I have done anything in the theater or was planning on doing anything in the theater, but really…

GoofyASS (friend mentioned above) totally had me rolling by pointing out obviously stupid people and cracking jokes with our popcorn guy - who really should have been in school… what was he 13? We stole the parmesan popcorn salt into the theater with us… upon arrival friend points and loudly exclaims, “They stole our seats!” The obviously hetero male couple seated with the invisible person between them laughed it off. Why do guys do that? I mean I sat right next to my friend so we could share popcorn, whispers, and of course gigglez… we weren’t making out .

The movie was great, had lots of my crushes in it… that always make a great movie. It’s lame, but I couldn’t wait to get home to blog one line… and it wasn’t even in the movie… it was something um Kem… I mean my friend said before the show started… of course loudly so the whole 7 people in the theater can here… and I still laugh about it.

“I just came to see me some Mark Ruffalo and Jake Gyllenhaal GET… IT… ON.. what’s this.. brokeback zodiac……” *insert my ridiculous laughter here*

it doesn’t look as funny on here.. but GIRL IS CRAZY… I had a great time… the movie was good too.


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