Monday, October 20, 2008

John Green, Paper Towns, and Being a Nerdfighter

have been reading a lot this past year. I am particularly interested in Young Adult (YA)… not only is it the most fun to read, I am also very interested in writing YA fiction.

I have started writing more than a dozen books in my adult life, but I haven’t finished a single one. You may notice a pattern here, especially if you’ve read a lot of my blog. I am very ambitious but obviously very lazy.


John Green is an incredible writer. I read Looking For Alaska over the summer and immediately loved it. He is brilliant and clever, so I was anxious to read his second novel An Abundance of Katherines.

This second Novel was AMAZING. I wore a smile on my face the entire book. The main character, Colin, was a child prodigy dealing with the realization that he may not necessarily be a genius in his adult life. He is also puzzled by the fact he has dated a total of 19 Katherines, all of whom (or so he thinks) dumped him. He spends the majority of the book working on an algorithm to determine the length of a relationship between any two people based on his relationships with the Katherines.

I completely love An Abundance of Katherines. I was pleased to see when I finished this book that John Green was working on a third novel, Paper Towns, and the prologue and first chapter were in the back of Katherines. I also saw something else in the back of the book, and immediately hopped online to check out… Nerdfighters.


Apparently this is a group of people, nerds, who band together to fight world suck.

In 2007, John Green and his brother Hank started a YouTube project where they would post vlogs (video blogs, dad) every weekday. They were not allowed to textually communicate outside the videos, or they would face a punishment for the world to see. This project began January 1, 2007 and ended December 2008. Nerdfighters are the offspring and followers of this project.

I wasn’t aware of Brotherhood 2.0 until I signed up on the ning to enter the world of Nerdfighting. I watched a couple of videos on YouTube, and found them completely, utterly addictive. The whole concept of Nerdfighting put the biggest smile of my face.

I have gone back to the brotherhood 2.0 website (there is a link in the sidebar) and began watching the videos in consecutive order. I just finished September I still have no clue what DFTBA means, and it’s driving me nuts!

I completed a challenge last week so I could get a free download for the Paper Towns musical compilation by Hank Green and some other awesome Nerdfighters: a picture blog on the ning

I am a Nerdfighter.I have always been a Nerdfighter… I just didn’t know what it was called. I like nerdy things; I am nerdy. I like comic books, cult movies, music, books, dead guys (not zombies.. ok I do like zombies too, but mostly dead scientists and writers), and computer stuff. I wasn’t the popular kid in school, nor did I wish to be. I have always liked being different; I totally embrace my nerdy.When I checked out I was amazed to see so many smart, clever, witty, and talented youth all bunched together in one place. AND THEY READ! They read the most amazing books… books I am too afraid to pick up, but know I should.

My whole life I have felt that there is something important that I should be doing, some higher calling if you will. It’s nice to know I just needed to stick a name to what I was, and I could sleep so much better at night. I don’t think there is anything more important than reducing world suck, do you?


PS: Check out Paper Towns, It’s in stores now. It’s the best one so far, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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