Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hey Stranger!

I know I promised you some Latch Key Kids, but I got busy. I have been doing a lot of recommended reading.

I may have mentioned, I started writing a young adult novel during the month of November. It was an idea I have been throwing around for a while, and my good friend Kemari talked me into starting it early. I have about 13/14 chapters that I wrote for NaNoWriMo, and I am going back thru them and reworking them.

This is a very difficult process for me. First, it is written in first person. I find this extremely hard to write, but necessary for this story. Another problem is that each character is somewhat made of me... so it's hard to make them stand out as individuals.

Kemari found this book Writing for Children & Teenagers by Lee Wyndham at Bookman's so I am reading thru it taking notes to help me finish this project. Although its last revision was in 1988, it still has some valid point that I feel will help. Do you have any pointers?

Another problem I am having is the influx of ideas coming to me right now. I will be working on something and a new idea will form in my head, and it's so overpowering I am tempted to stop working on my original project. I am trying to push aside a small amount of time to focus on the new ideas without overpowering the old ones. Time management... a New Years Resolution?

What's new?

1. I purchased a new domain the other day ( because of an idea that has been driving me crazy. At first I wanted to write a story inspired by an MGMT song, but then I started thinking: How cool would it be to write a series of stories by several different people that mesh together but can also stand alone. Post Apocolyptic clan life... posts can be very day dealings to drawn out Sci-Fi work.

If you're interested in doing something like this - let me know

2. Back in the day, when I wrote with The Green Room of Collaboration, we took our inspiration from a gallon Maraschino cherry jar (notes, clips, swatches, etc) and wrote. I did this for a while on MySpace, and you can see some of my postings if you filter through this blog. I have set up a new blog, and I will begin drawing from the jar again, as well as, doing other writing exercises. I want to encourage anyone to participate. I will post more information on that as soon as I get a few posts under my belt. I have the site but I have yet to forward the domain. You can bookmark it if you like

Let me know what you're up to

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