Thursday, March 26, 2009

Courtly Love? What a Crock...

my submission for Inspiration Underground post The Art of Courtly Love

When I originally saw this topic and read the description, I laughed. I don’t think "courtly love" exists today. Not because I think we have evolved into a mutated society incapable of truly loving, but because I don’t think “courtly love” ever existed in the first place.

Being female (duh), I want to relate to this definition (see post) personally, but it is a term defined during the Middle Ages. I am guessing this means that “courtly love” defined a man’s love for his fair maiden.

Let’s break it down:

Jealous people can’t love

In the animal kingdom, the male of the species is flashy and puts on a show for the female of his species. Often times, he must fight or compete with other males for her attention. Sounds like jealousy to me.

Boys don’t love until they reach the age of maturity

You’ve got to be kidding me; when exactly do they reach maturity?

Easily attained love doesn’t have as much value as hard-to-attain love


Love always turns pale in the presence of their beloved


We all want to believe in this romanticized term, that someone could hold the highest form of love, but you can’t measure someone’s love for another based on a written set of ridiculous rules.

Love is measure by words written and unwritten, thoughts spoken and unspoken, and actions; not only the way you treat your beloved but the way you treat others because you’re in love.


The way one person loves their beloved cannot be compared to the way another person loves his or hers. We are unique individuals in every other aspect, how can we believe that we all love the same.


Courtly love is a crock of shit if you ask me.

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  1. Ah yes love...

    I have to agree with this. Love is what it is to each person. There is no true definition except what a person truly feels.

    On another note; thanks for the giggles. I needed them