Thursday, April 2, 2009


Day #2 April's PAD Challenge entry:

In second grade,
I was an invited guest to sit by your side and observe.
I watched as you struggled to stay still and not speak out,
As you forced amazing ideals to stay in the back of your mouth.
I watched the teacher become irritated as you veered off task.
I whispered in your ear to please not ask that question…
but you did anyway.

My heart ached
“Angry” and “out of context” bounced off the walls
Slapped me in the face
even though I was invisible.
I could not speak
bound to my miniature chair
I stared at my feet

This bully burned me with laser beam eyes,
As I sat there wearing my “bad parenting” badge;
An outsider drowning in a sea of seven year olds.
Choking on words that should have been said,
I stayed pathetically quiet.

I am sorry.

This is Day 2 post for the Poem-A-Day Challenge:
Today's prompt is: outsider

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  1. OMG not you too?

    My son had this problem - I spent so many times at the school in meetings etc etc

    Eventually withdrew him, put him into private school which worked for a while together with Ritalin.

    Then we just faced facts ( as they seemed to us at the time) and home-schooled and stopped the ritalin which seemed to have done as much as it could for him by then anyway.

    He's nearly 18 now - no 'qualifications' from school but perfectly able to make his way in the world as he has taught himself so much - including computer skills and can learn anything he needs to as and when he needs to.

    But I remember those days like a bad dream I am glad to have woken from.

    No wonder you like diet coke - he finds Red Bull with its caffeine works like ritalin to help him focus when he needs to.