Sunday, April 26, 2009

Infomercials Changed my Life

Day #26 April's PAD Challenge entry:

Infomercials Changed my Life

19.99 is the magic number
TV has changed my life
My credit card sits by the phone
Seductively smiling at me
Begging me to buy at 19.99
Magic number = AMAZING products
(I really must have a Snuggie today
One for me and one for you)

19.99 makes you popular too
Since you can share with a friend
You can make the best burgers
Have the fanciest closets
Clean up the worst messes
Who doesn’t want greener vegetables
less acne
The ability to repair ANYTHING!

19.99 will make you a better person
It might even save your life


This is Day 26 post for the Poem-A-Day Challenge:
Today's prompt is: Miscommunication

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