Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer E-Chapbook - Congrats Sam!!

Earlier this summer, when we were all complaining about how hot and tired... and hot we were, the brilliant Michael Solender decided he would turn our complaining into something fun-to take our mind off the heat. He hosted a contest over on his blog (not from here, are you?).

Writers were to submit 101 words exactly and mention "summer" and "heat" in their submission.

It got a huge response, and the winner was posted today. YAY!

Congrats to Sam Adamson from Future Nostalgic!!

It was a much deserved win, an excellent story.

The E-Chapbook is a free download, so get your copy or check it out below

I might have a little sumthin-sumthin floating around in there, too ;-)



  1. Congrats on the pub! It is exciting!

  2. Liked your story, Tomara. Too bad the lifeguards at our pool always seemed to be guys.

    It's always nice to be in a pub with you.

  3. Good stuff. Definitely took me back to my own boyhood days. Come to think, it took me back to last week.

  4. I just realized I wasn't 'following' you... Why wasn't I following you? What was I thinking? Obviously, I wasn't.
    Add another skulker to your list.

  5. Thanks guys!

    hahaha@Cathy. I think maybe I offended you ;-) that was why. I did some name calling or finger pointing... maybe I talked about religion or politics. Silly, I didn't even notice you weren't, and I love you regardless :-)