Thursday, November 4, 2010

Political Discouragement (featuring Awesome Ideas)

I am feeling really discouraged by our political system lately. After just coming off an election (I voted), and living day to day with the political campaign bombardment, I know you are ready to read/hear about something else.

I am honestly sick of it all, too. All of the “Republicans did this,” “Democrats did that,” bullshit. Stop pointing fingers and get something done. Everyone is so quick to blame someone else for why things are in the state they are in, but no one wants to try to work together and figure shit out. It’s ridiculous… an embarrassment.

We are sitting here watching this empire crumble.

I’ve been thinking. I have some really awesome ideas to cut spending, and what a better place and time to share them with you, than on my little bloggy-blog.

2mara’s Awesome Ideas:
  1. Congress/House shall be ran like student government
    1. The job is done on a voluntary basis
    2. This job does not pay
    3. Only those with a real desire and drive to do something GOOD will apply
    4. You do not quit your REGULAR job to take on this responsibility
  2. Meetings are held online
    1. No reason to travel to Washington (airfare, rentals, gas, mileage)
    2. No reason to LIVE in Washington (rental/2nd(or 3rd) Mortgage, utilities)
    3. No reason to pay expenses other than highspeed internet and cell phone usage
    4. No reason to pay expensive upkeep on buildings/offices in Washington
  3. Campaigning
    1. Should be illegal to accept contributions from big business
    2. No calls, mailers, TV ads
    3. Online ads only--collected in a general repository, so that voters can find them. Ads cannot list other running mates in them, the bare essentials. Videos can be available for viewing at the polls if online access if not available to the voter.
What I would also like to see:
  • During a campaign, I don’t care about your family orientation or religious beliefs—actions speak louder than words. (I’m Agnostic—doesn’t mean I’m immoral. I have a wonderful family—but that doesn’t mean everything’s perfect.)
  • I think we should get rid of parties altogether. It’s a discriminator that holds us back from accomplishing greatness.
I am sorry for ranting. I am just really disappointed with how things are going… and scared.


I think we should pool our ideas and share them. We are a brilliant collection of minds, and that resource has yet to be tapped. We have to do something because it’s just not getting done…

Let’s hear your awesome ideas.


  1. Itoo, believe the political machine is a total rip-off. Take the governor race in Texas, Perry has been in office longer than any other governor in Texas history. He was lt. governor under Bush and was given the job when Bush resigned to run for president. The race this year between him and White(former major of Houston) was a total mudsling fest. I have no idea who was the most corrupt ofr the two and what they said of each other was so bad, you wonder how they got this far in the current political area. If only a small percentage was truth, no way should they represent us, hell let alone be allowed to vote. THE WHOLE SYSTEM NEEDS AN OVERHAUL..PERIOD!!!!

  2. I hear ya, dad. Mary Falen is the first female gov in state history. The race was between her and Jari Askins... I didn't care for either. One flyered our truck three times in two days. These weren't just cheesy little photocopies; these were thick, slick, multicolored copies (nice and expensive). I didn't vote for her for that very reason (wasteful)

    It may be a dumb reason to NOT vote for someone, but it would take forever to comb through the BS on both sides, and I am politically exhausted.

  3. Well again, I am going to rail on the re-elected Governor of Texas Rick Perry. Last year there was a fire the governor's mansion while Perry was living there. see billboards all over the state asking for contributions fpr the restroration of the Mansion. TOO begin with why should we, as citizens be asked to pay for the restoration in the first place. THINK OF IT LIKE THIS...We as private citizens have jobs and in order to put a roof over our heads and those of our family, we BUY a home...take out a MORTGAGE....PAY insurance premiums and what that doesn't cover in case of some accidents or whatever....the difference comes OUT OF OUR POCKETS!!! What is the difference? We hire him to work for us... he is dammit pay for YOUR OWN MISFORTUNES!!! I don't know about you,but my pockets aren't that deep. Carry your own load.

  4. The Republican and Democrat parties are virtually indistinguishable from my viewpoint. The same thing happened in UK politics about twelve years ago and is on-going.

    Present a list of policies from either party, change the name of who issued them and show them to a bunch of punters and people will simply rail against policies from their apparent opponents but the same policy when presented as being from their chosen party is approved of. People are dumb and easily led.

    I'm beginning to give credence to the Illuminati theory that there are secret organizations ruling the world as puppet-masters. And by secret organizations, I mean corporations.

    I'd argue that the main sign there's something wrong in US politics, and I say this as a citizen of Northern Ireland where politics has never risen beyond schoolyard name-calling, is that you have no left-wing radicals. You virtually have no left-wing at all. McCarthyism is alive and well, apparently.

    In the entire country, with a labour union movement still in the tens of millions, there are, apparently, no socialists. Why? Because socialism is wrong, or because it has been indoctrinated into you that socialism is wrong?

    Norway - socialist - doing okay.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm a capitalist, but if the political landscape in the wider UK was just capitalist versus more extreme capitalist, I'd be very worried.

    There are still some, maybe one or two, old-fashioned Marxists in the current UK opposition party, and you know what, that's okay. Because what would be worse would be NOT being allowed to be a Marxist. That's real freedom.

    In any event, the idea that socialism is a sin, and communism a failed ideology is looking pretty tenuous right now.

    I love the idea of preventing anyone from taking funding from Corporations. Business needs a voice, but if that voice had to come from the employees of a business who felt well-treated and respected, because the business itself couldn't directly fund policy, then it would be a very different political landscape.

    Treating workers fairly and respecting their opinions? Socialism!

    Anyhoo... I see you're doing the NaNoWriMo again this year. Just wanted to pop over and wish you the best!

    Oh, oh, and the biggest thing that scares me right now is a dead duck president for the next two years. I saw some 'pubs quoted as saying the most important thing was to make sure Obama was a one term president - yeah, because that'll help us right out of a recession.

  5. Some really evocative ideas here... Really well-thought out, Tomara...

  6. I admire the fact that you're even thinking of reforms. I dropped out a long time ago, sick of the bullshit. They say you shouldn't complain if you don't vote, but even if I like the lesser of two evils, they will have their hands tied by the system.