Monday, April 11, 2011

Apoc-Zen Project: Ignis Fatuus

Apocryphal Zenzizenzizenzic is an old Latin phrase referring to someone who has the uncanny ability to define obscure words with pinpoint accuracy.

(read about the project and accompanying contest)

Day 9: Ignis Fatuus: A person guilty of wearing skin-tight clothing--usually of the  brightly colored assortment or loud prints.

While women tend to take it to the extreme:

Men are just as guilty:

 These guys win!

We'll you've got my definition. What's yours (leave it in the comments for your chance to win)?


  1. Hey T ~~ it is a "blissfully oblivious state of blatant obesity" LOL !!


  2. Why do you keep making me want to throw up? I thought we were friends!

    A way nerds can put down women who would never even look at them.
    "Check out that girl over there in the 700s? She's cute, you should talk to her."
    "Erm, no, flagen." *pushes Scotch-taped glasses up nose* "She's much too Ignus Fatuus for me."

    For the record, yes I stole, um BORROWED Professor Frink from the Simpsons, and despite how it sounds like I'm talking down, I love nerds and wish they would hit on me at the library.

    - allison writes

  3. Michelle - I may be there ;-)

    Allison - Ha! Sorry about making you sick. I <3 nerds!

  4. Ignus Fatuus? Latin sure does come up with some strange phrases . . . LOL.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  5. 2 - too, too much (which, I'm guessing, is the point here).

    Lots of Latin being laid on of late. :-}

  6. Just noticed one of your tags was "fashion" and cracked up!

    - allison writes

  7. I had to stop at this one just to say ewwww!