Friday, April 1, 2011

Apocryphal Zenzizenzizenzic Project: Ambeer

Welcome to Day 1 of the Apocryphal Zenzizenzizenzic Project (the A to Z Blogging Challenge for the month of April). I posted a teaser earlier this week to explain what the project is, but I will break it down for you here... as quickly as I can:

Apocryphal Zenzizenzizenzic is an old Latin phrase referring to someone who has the uncanny ability to define obscure words with pinpoint accuracy.

It's not really, but the whole month of April I'm going to define new words (to me). I encourage you to leave your definitions in the corresponding comments. On May 1, I will draw a letter out of a hat, and all of the participating commenters for that day will be posted on this blog. Readers will have the chance to vote on their faves, and the winner will win a $26 Amazon Gift card.

It's going to be a bit ridiculous and lots of fun--welcome to the Apocryphal Zenzizenzizenzic Project!

Day 1: Ambeer: Slang for the famous "AM beer" or any alcoholic beverage enjoyed before noon. There's nothing like liquid breakfast chock full of vitamins and mineral--fuel for college students across the globe.

If there's a banner for it, it must be true!

We'll you've got my definition. What's yours (leave it in the comments for your chance to win)?


  1. Gosh, I'm thirsty, and there's no beer in the house. No fun. :P

    Love the word, ~2. :)

  2. Ambeer is the adult version of the Amber alert...used to indicate you've had too much beer and forgot where you lived. :)

  3. HA! @ Laura... you gave me a good chuckle.

  4. Ambeer: the perdy perdy color of the beer you are drinking after you have drunk 1 too many of said beers :)

  5. Ambeer: The beer (or any other alcoholic beverage) you drink after midnight.

    OK, that was boring. Will try harder when I visit next time. And I will! Nice to meet you!

  6. I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Creative Blog Award.

    Go to and pick up your award.


  7. Ambeer: a state of consciousness which occurs when one merges one's identity with malted hops.

  8. This is awesome! Are you kidding about the Latin word? Is that really a word or are you making it up? LOL.

    It will be fun to follow your blog this month!


  9. OH man I LOVE your theme for the month, definitely coming back every day.

    My definition kind of merges with James McShane's, which just proves it's legit: when you've had so much beer, you ARE the beer. Usually spoken slurred.
    "Huh? You want another beer?"
    *shakes head* "AMBEER!"
    "I don't understand you!"
    *takes off on a rampage as the new superhero, Ambeer*
    *cowering in fear* "Oh my god, it's AMBEER!"

  10. Hey Tomara ~~ a great idea !! I love the thingie you got going with the words !!

    I think Ambeer is a foreign word for "ambience created by excessive beer drinking" ~ maybe a word derived from Dutch or one of those related languages ? :)
    (Does that sound too boring?)


    P.S. Definitely following your blog this month ...

  11. I love your ideas guys! Yes Apocryphal Zenzizenzizenzic are both real words, but I totally made up the meaning :)

    My meaning is much more fun :-)

    All of this beer, TGIF!

  12. ...and all I can do is, LOL!

  13. I dated a girl named Ambeer...she had a very bubbly personality...and went great with steak.

  14. After reading everyone's comments I am stumped. I will have to try tomorrow I guess.

    Stopping by from the Challenge

  15. Coming back for a second comment, which hopefully isn't against the rules... but I'm getting close to being Ambeer so it seemed appropriate.

  16. hahahaha. Love it guys. Allison, you made me snort :-P

  17. Now you get met to want to head out to a pub and get some Guinness! :)

    Greetings from a fellow
    A to Z blogger :)

  18. Am.. on the front end of ambient, american, amoeba... and, of course, am.
    Beer... stuff that tastes good cold on summer afternoons.
    Am - being - beer - cold summer-Here - frost...
    Hmmm... Ambeer means Hoarfrost.

  19. Isn't that the stuff mosquitos are hidden from which they make dinosaurs from?

    Never touch the stuff myself.