Monday, April 4, 2011

Apocryphal Zenzizenzizenzic Project: Cofferdam

Apocryphal Zenzizenzizenzic is an old Latin phrase referring to someone who has the uncanny ability to define obscure words with pinpoint accuracy.

(read about the project and accompanying contest)

Day 3: Cofferdam: A barrier between your nasty germs and your friends, co-workers, co-shoppers, teachers/students, patients/clients... you get my point.

Tis the season, and no one wants your cooties... if they tell you they do, they're dirty, dirty liars. Take the necessary precautions to prevent possible threats on your life.

If you're confused, I am here to help ;-) The simplest cofferdam would be to merely cover your cough with your hand, arm, or easily accessible object [belonging to you].

I know you though, you're a trend-setter. Here are some available cofferdam options--some rather conservative, while others simply exotic:

We'll you've got my definition. What's yours (leave it in the comments for your chance to win)?


  1. The morning after reaching the intoxicated state of Ambeer, waking with a killer headache and sore throat from yelling for Bregma, all one can think is "Cofferdam." Or, more accurately, "Coffer...? Damn."

    This is actually what I say every morning when I wake up and realize I forgot to set my automatic coffee maker.

  2. Thanks fo stopping by and following my blogs. I can't believe you are going for doing the challenge on 2 blogs at once - I'm totally impressed! I'm following both now :-)

  3. Allison, you have some mad skillz!

    Matt, You know you have them :-P

    Martha, I was actually working one more too, but we have pushed back the launch - we still plan to do A to Z though, but it will be later on.

    There are three of us working on the Foodies one, so I don't have nearly as many posts. Look for future posts at (bookmark it for later) :-) - That will definitely be the more serious of the three.

  4. Cofferdam: A device which prevents constant raiding of one's life's savings; usually installed by a partner or mother.

  5. Hey Tomara ~ let me see ... it is a "receptacle called a Ferdam , used for storing secretion released by a person who coughs a lot" ~~ LOL !!


  6. Cofferdam as defined here by 2
    Has to do with avoiding the flu
    2 looked for haiku
    From KjM -- who??
    That's too many U sounds - boo hoo

    Sorry, fresh out of haiku. Need more ambeer!