Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Apoc-Zen Project: Kermes

Apocryphal Zenzizenzizenzic is an old Latin phrase referring to someone who has the uncanny ability to define obscure words with pinpoint accuracy.

(read about the project and accompanying contest)

Day 11: Kermes: (This one is soooo easy):

He (Mr. Kermit the Frog and his good friend Jim Henson) has a special place in my heart... always will.


  1. Nice to meet you via video :D

  2. Kermes is the "rip-off" & chain store version of well-known brand Hermes .


  3. I love Jim Henson too, just read a great book about Sesame Street so Kermit was on my mind! He went through a pretty interesting evolution process!

    I was going to take it down the STD route, but can't do that to nice lil Kermit, so I'll just say it's the plural of Kermit - not that there could ever be another!

    - allison writes

  4. Funny - I thought Kermes was the 'hopping' messenger of the gods...?



  5. Oh, come on, lets go there! Pleeease? There are so many good VD tie-ins, just by free association - Kermes - kermit - frog - toad - warts - VD - herpes - hermes - kermes. And We're back.

    Ok then...second answer - If the Messenger of the Gods had to also pull double duty as the God of Jealousy.

  6. Sweet - and one of my favorite songs.

    Lovers and Dreamers - can never have enough of those two!