Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Congrats, Allison... for being Awesome!

The poll results were very close, but after I added in the votes from the first-failed poll, Allison is the clear winner.


I am trying to talk her into doing a guest post... or I will figure something out. In the mean time, check out her blog:

Allison Writes


Look through my April A to Z definitions and take in her mad SKILLZ - I believe she left a definition EVERY single day. That's some commitment.

You're awesome, Allison!


  1. I believe Elvis Costello wrote a song about Allison because she is so awesome! Congrats!

  2. Ow, awesome indeed. Congrats, Allison! :)

  3. Oh...I was still commenting on the old post. So wanted to see a mud wrestle match between Mish and allison.
    Congrats, Allison!

  4. Congratulations to Alison !
    ... and Laura , you are very naughty :) ... tsk! tsk! tsk! ... I'm swinging by your blog now to check it out and see what other mischief you get up to ... LOL !

  5. Thanks 2! And thanks for your hilarious comments, guys, I'm cracking up at work! I'll try to toss something together for a guest post, in hopes it doesn't put people OFF my blog instead of bring them in...