Friday, May 13, 2011

Shhh! It Happens!

I don't think I've written a #FridayFlash this year, so I thought I'd take part this week (sleep deprived), using the #fictionfriday prompt:

[Fiction] Friday Challenge #207 for May 13th, 2011

Your Main Character finds the paperwork on the desk covered in red ink…..

It's suppose to be rough, so here it goes...

"Shhh! It Happens!"

From my bedroom, the distant buzz of my morning alarm roused me from a deep, dreamless sleep. Stretching back in my chair, I pried the spit-glued paperwork from my face.

Red ink covered my hands, desk, and the front of my button-down blouse.

“Shit,” I groaned, wiggling my mouse to check the time. “Shit!” I slammed my hands on the desk, pushing back in my chair. Attempting to stand, I fell—hitting my head on the desk.

Frantically, I rubbed at the pins and needles attacking my sleeping feet while also dodging the slobbery mouth of my 80lb pup, “No! Stop! Ugh... No, Titus!”

I pushed him away, crawling desperately toward the bathroom. He wasted no time in retaliating, attempting to dominate my compromised position. “Ugh… NO TITUS! Gross! Down!”

Threatening to kick my massive mutt, I made it through the bathroom door.

In and out of the shower; I grabbed my toothbrush and wiped a wet hand across the fogged mirror. “Shit…”

While I took the time to scrub the ink from my hands and arms, red covered my face. Unaware of this new artistic talent, I stared at the crude depiction of a penis across my right cheek and chin.

“Ugh,” I rubbed at the ink to no avail. “I’m calling in.”

Stepping over Titus, I stomped off to bedroom and crawled under the covers of my more-than-inviting bed.


  1. Damn! Someone's not having a good day!

  2. Oh man, that's fitting for a Friday 13th, heh.

  3. glad to see you ready and rest in the end,
    what a story.

    check out short story slam and make a submission today.

  4. I wonder who pulled this prank on her? The whole thing reads as a bit of a mystery to me. Welcome back 2!

  5. Yes ... welcome back to the mix. So glad you found your mojo... And funny!!

  6. Talk about morning blues ... enough to make your MC see red ...

  7. And I thought I had a bad morning! Hilarious, 2.

  8. This is a funny story. The main character would beg to differ but hey, the experience could brighten someone else's day, so all is not lost, lol.

    The Madlab Post

  9. Sounds like your character had a bad morning. I enjoyed reading your post!

  10. That is definitely a Friday the 13th post, and that is a great first stab at it. I'd be interested in seeing what exactly happened and where it was going, because how often does someone wake up with red ink everywhere?!