Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I Lied… I will work for Sanity’s Sake

I know I posted a blog a while back about work being for SUKKAs… I totally lied. I would be so willing to trade places with any of you SUKKAs, right now.

I have had a job since the day after my sixteenth birthday, against my mother’s wishes. I have worked non-stop since then, only quitting a job when I had another lined up. I wouldn’t even move out of state unless I already had a job waiting for me.

SO.. making a long story short, I have misled you. I only totally quit my job a couple of months ago to stay home with kiddo #2 and homeschool kiddo #1. I had never had the option to stay home before.. I always worked, so I was kind of excited about it… sure.. who wouldn’t want to stay home all day. OH GAWD! What was I thinking?

After I had kiddo #1… I immediately went back to work.. he was nine days old, and a few months later I went back to school too… so I worked full time and went to school full time… yeah no big deal. I maintained a 4.0 GPA and still had all my nerves in tact. I am not sure what happened after kiddo #2.

SO.. why am I homeschooling you ask… good question. I am one crazy FUCKO! Serious though my kid is a genius, he’s just not willing to conform to a classroom setting. I was getting calls everyday from the school telling me how “awful” my kid was. He was dong just average kid stuff… I was even asked to come and sit with him a day to observe his behavior. I think the teacher thought it was a punishment. What she didn’t understand is he still thinks I’m cool… he hasn’t got to that stage where I can embarass him. I got to sit next to him all day in class.. we went to lunch together… he was in heaven.

Aside his teacher had real concerns for him, and I liked her.. I really did. She didn’t think we should medicate him due to the fact he wasn’t struggling with his work, and made exceptional marks. The principal on the other hand was another story. When I visited with her she immediately asked if I had talked to my doctor about medicating him… and I had. I want to state up front that I don’t believe in medicating children… producing mindless drones is not my idea of education - to make it easier on the teacher. I did speak with my doctor about it.. because I knew it was going to come up in school, and she didn’t think I should. She told me he was bored, and he would grow out of it; that is the information I relayed to the principal. She was floored that my doctor would say such a thing. OK.. I was irritated, but that wasn’t why I took him out of public school.

It’s the Friday before Thanksgiving last year and I get a call about 2:50. I had just gotten the baby to sleep and it’s the fucking principal. She tells me that she had swatted him earlier for not following directions, and usually when she spanks a kid they are good for the rest of the day, but not my son.. .he was already giving the teacher problems. Then here comes the question:

“Tomara, I know we talked about medication; is he currently taking any?” I informed her he definitely was not, and then she asked me in the most hateful of voices, “Is he SUPPOSE to be?” I again explained that no he was not and agreed to come and get him. So I woke up the little one and drove to the school… they get out at 20 after 3… so I get to get him out of school early. The whole while I’m driving there I am thinking, yeah what a punishment… what can I do tomorrow to get mom to pick me up before lunch.

I sign him out, I am so angry I just feel my ears red hot and I can’t say a word.. just get my kid and go. In the truck, I lay into him:

“Gabe, what did you do this morning?” I am trying to keep my cool

“I was working in my blue folder…” we’ve had this problem before so I ask the same questions: if this is a test, something that is timed, etc. He says, “No, this is something we do together as a class… and I didn’t want to do it together. I wanted to do it by myself.”

FUCK!! You swat my kid for working independently… any other day he would be in trouble for disrupting the class… let him do the whole fucking book if he will stay quiet.

So, that, was the icing on the cake for me. I took him out the following Monday. Wrote letters to the teacher, principal, counselor, and the head of the board. Attached were a list of side effects for threre cure-all for my son’s “problem”.

OH there is more why I wish so badly to go back to work.. .but I will post it later. I don’t want this to be too long and bore you tears.


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