Tuesday, July 18, 2006


OK… I am cheating. I have total brain drain; I am going to contribute that to the jetlag, so this is old. I have posted this before… back when I had one whole subscriber (thanks mom!… kidding) - so you probably missed it. I did think of it when I read the draw… that counts for inspiration… doesn’t it? As always, thanks for playing, and thank you for reading!


Your hands move along your damp flesh;Crawling like possessed animals up your chest.Slowly dancing on your sternum and up to your necks base,It’s hard to imagine they don’t have a face and can’t laugh -Their little eyes gleaming, hair streaming, and their teeth shining.For all you know… their smiling.

Your body twitches as they dig in drawing blood to the surface -Its warmth teases them, its scent excites them, its taste thrills them.Your life depresses them.Your death anchors them.Now resembling blades of grass blowing in the wind,They frantically sway trying to detach themselves from their master.


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