Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Chronicles of a Firefly

Drawn toward the light
Anticipation burns my eyes,
Juices flow heavily in my mouth.
Visions dancing fiercely in my head,
Dizziness overcomes me.
I collapse onto the while tile below.
Nothing now; no light, no breeze, no noise.
Soft, sensual fragrances send me into a trance.
I can almost taste their essence, so sweet, yet
Turning sour on my tongue almost iron-like.
The air is filled with an overwhelming smell,
Rotting flesh and decomposing animals.
It’s so stuffy… no air.
I gasp and gasp, reaching helplessly for another breath,
Only to find my lungs filled with a strange smoke.
A burning like acid overpowers me.
My delicate membranes throb, throb with each beat of my panicked heart.
Goosebumps race down my spine as warm, thick blood dances across my cold flesh.
Each attempt for breath now is an Olympic feat,
My weary body can’t go on.
Not breathing, I feel myself slip away.
I am still receptive to pain – OH ITS INTENSITY!
I can feel acids leaking from inside my body onto the cold tile underneath.
Astral projecting above my container,
I see it twitch and everything seems quite hazy.
My once called “self” is floating in its own sea of blood.
Frightened and trembling I flee,
But wait,
I see more bodies like mine,
All motionless on the same white tile floor aligning the oblong hall.
I’m not alone.
At the top of the arched hallway there are ten to fifteen like me.
Almost transparent, small and bright,
Like fireflies on a midsummer night
All trapped at the top, not able to fly home.
Left in the hall to die,
For some twisted mind’s pleasure;
A handmade nightlight.

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