Friday, August 4, 2006

If Only You Could Choose Your Neighbors

In the small town I live in, I don’t live in the best of neighborhoods. Don’t get me wrong it’s not terrible, but it has it faults, just like most do.

My neighborhood is overrun with kids. Mine being one of the hooligans that rides his bikes up and down the street not really paying much attention to cars. It’s a great place for kids because there are so many.

I don’t worry about Gabe playing outside, and I don’t worry about leaving my door unlocked during the day, but after this last week… I am a little bit concerned about some of my neighbors.

An old couple used to live across the street from me. The husband died a year or so ago, but the woman that lived there after his passing was so sweet. She used to work with my mother when I was in school, so I have known her practically forever. A few months ago she too passed away. Her family placed a “for sale” sign on her house and come and go occasionally to check on things.

Earlier this week there were several people over there with a trailer. We figured we were getting new neighbors, so my Dear Husband (DH) went out side to see if we needed to move our car that was parked in the street. When he eventually came back in, he informed me that the neighbors to the east of that house had been stealing stuff from my deceased friend.

I was immediately pissed off.. .he told me that they have been coming in and out of the house taking things. They even stole the back door off the house and put it on their own. WTF? They had been over there sooo many times they had worn a path in the yard between the houses.

My neighbor’s family were loading up everything in the house to protect what was left of their mother’s belongings. They said that they had contacted the police, but were unable to help them…

I can’t believe that someone would steal from a dead person… I just can’t get over that… really pisses me off.

SO, now DH is worried. We are getting ready to move, and sell our house. We thought we would wait to put it on the market until we left, but now we are worried that our neighbors might come in and screw stuff up. I mean, there won’t be much to steal (maybe a stove), but I really don’t want them to take my doors or windows or anything.

I know this isn’t my typical blog, but it’s been on my mind. What would you do?

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