Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I Want...

***This was posted for the draw: “Our lives are kept in Equipoise by opposite attractions and desires.” - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow “Haunted Houses” ***

I posted this a long time ago… but it immediately came to mind tonight when thinking about what to write for this draw… I apologize for reposting but I think it’s appropriate.

I want…

I want to be content… to not wish there was something more.
I want to be able to look at my life with no regrets, and be perfectly happy with what I have. To not be angry that I am not where I want to be or question why I am with - who I am with. I don’t want to obsess about the things that I should have or shouldn’t have done.I want to be handed this contentment on a plate and not have to struggle to attain it… a beautifully wrapped gift in the palm of my hand.

I want not to be afraid to open it.
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