Thursday, August 30, 2007

FINALLY!!! I Have Decided What I Want to be When I Grow Up.

This decision, 31.5 years in the making, has taken a lot of thought. I opened a bulletin on Myspace the other day and it held the most glorious of surprises. The Arizona Derby Dames are having tryouts!! Tonight!

I have been dreaming of being a roller girl for the last month or so, so I am taking this as a sign from the heavens.

Although tryouts are tonight, I am not going. It says on the flyer that in 3 months time they will be having tryouts again. Thus the beginning of my extensive RollerGirl training.

I want to keep a well documented account of my progress in roller badASSiness (it really should be a word), and anything I can do to inspire those to follow in my footsteps - I am a great role model *spits*.

Welcome to the RollerGirl Diaries!

I will keep you posted on my training, sparring, and roller etiquette. Check the video below to see what is possibly in store for your good friend, 2mara.... me.

AZ Derby Dames Season One Highlights

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