Friday, June 30, 2006

Taking Flight

***Written for the draw: belfry***

Taking Flight

She stood in the tallest tower looking out the smallest window
Envying the life in the birds nest on the ledge
Dizzy her head spins with thoughts of the past
Her heart aching from loss and longing
Fragments of a broken existence flash before her eyes and she is overcome with sadness

The tower had two windows
One much larger, and much more inviting
Pushing the window open the cool breeze comforts her
Almost stealing her breath and filling her
Looking down the tears roll off her nose into oblivion

Below life goes on
People busily rushing to meet their schedules and deadlines
Not even aware of this lovely girl in agony
Weeping uncontrollably
Completely oblivious to her existence

Her lifeless body lay before them on the cold pavement below the tower window.


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